Development centre

Insight into the design process.


Sacci’s development centre, an open and creative environment where our design team and prototype seamsters have access to their own machine park, is located adjacent to the production hall. This is where our magic is created.

​​​​​​​The design team is working according to a quality assurance system in the development process to achieve the highest possible results. Our team has access to 2D- and 3D drawings and does everything to ensure high quality early on, as well as successful results at the production start. We work freely with our imagination, and with 100 years behind us, we can guarantee that you get a unique and high-quality solution that is always ergonomic.
'With 100 years behind us, we can guarantee that you get a unique and high-quality solution that is always ergonomic.'

The first meeting ​​​​​​​

First, we set up an open-ended meeting with the client to get to know each other, present and discuss ideas, analyse the end-user’s needs, and understand the client’s vision. What does the client’s market look like? What image does the client want to create? Who are the end users? We present ourselves and the opportunities we have, and then come up with a project plan. If everything feels okay, we then relieve the client, taking care of the job with an agreed-upon solution. It's important for us that the client participates in the design process to the extent they wish in order to feel involved and to ensure that we meet the expectations and wishes.

The prototype takes shape

Sacci puts down different ideas as sketches and then produces prototypes. Sacci’s development centre consists of a design team and expert seamsters with a machine park for prototype sewing. This is where we brainstorm ideas, test different solutions, which we can quickly analyse to produce the best function and highest quality with a basic ergonomic thinking. We have a wealth of ideas and an environment where we can test alternative constructions, material choices, and so on.


Together with you, the client, we come up with a plan at a meeting so that ideas can be turned into a physical product. What you have in mind, we will give you in your hand. With our help, you will be able to develop your ideas, but we can also guarantee continued delivery of the finished product if desired.