Defence and security

‘The Sacci’ has in military circles been synonymous with the backpack Sacci developed for the Swedish Army in the 1990s. In close cooperation with the Armed Forces and the Police Service, Sacci has developed a variety of products since the 1940s. We know what it takes for the equipment to meet the toughest requirements and work well in critical situations. All our products are tested extensively in situations and environments of the end-user, and we do not stop until both parties are satisfied.

The Sacci FJS110 bag is among the toughest rucksacks available. It was developed for the Swedish Armed Forces in the 90s and has achieved a legendary status today.For many years we have also designed and developed products for the police and security industry.

Within this customer segment, we work primarily with customized equipment that we develop and manufacture based on our customers' needs and their demand. Therefore, we do not offer a standardized range that we present on our website. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding our military range

Product development
As a professional customer, you have some invaluable experience that we gladly take part of to further improve ourselves and our products. How can we make the job safer, easier and more secure for you?
Contact our Development Centre.