Aluminium Rails

Rails in aluminum for attaching a unit to a wall or similar. The rails have canopy knobs, which means that you can easily attach and remove your bags or devices in, for example, the ambulance or on another wall.

Fits the series with smaller bags, medibag, infusion machine and minibag.

The rails are available in three versions depending on what is to be attached. See below.


Measurements (WxHxD): 

Colour:  Alu /Chrome

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Standard Models

Aluminum rail 1 unit
artnr 112000

Fits all bags that attach to our belts.

Dimensions: 178x40mm. Distance between canopy knobs: 109mm.
Aluminum rail 2 units
artnr 112012

Fits 2 smaller bags, medibag or infusion thermo bag. Dimensions: 357x40mm. Distance between canopy knobs: 109mm.
Aluminum rail 2 units
artnr 112007

Fits Minibag. Dimensions: 252x40mm. Distance between canopy knobs: 183mm.

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Emergency responders work in shifts while the equipment is often used around the clock and becomes soiled. Naturally, all Sacci products can be washed.
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Our Swedish-made carrying equipment is the most hard-wearing in the industry. Demanding professions and situations, however, will wear on even the toughest materials. In that case we will be happy to help you with all possible repairs.
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