​​​​​​​Respiratory Care Light

Art. no. 120670

Sacci’s new Respiratory Care Light bag contains everything you need to help patients in need of easy or advanced respiratory care. The bag gives the user a complete overview of the contents when the bag is open. It opens and closes easily and quickly through strong magnets, is equipped with ergonomically designed back straps, and side hooks to hang the bag on the ambulance stretcher when transporting from the accident location to the ambulance. 

Weight: 3,200 g (8,300 g with tube)

Measurements (WxHxD):  330x580x250 mm

Colour:  Green

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Inner partition 1, art. no. 120475
Inner partition 2, art. no. 120476
Middle partition Medicine, art. no. 120140
Flexible partition with guard AISAB, art. no. 116123
Middle partition Akut for Flexi bag, art. no. 116112
Middle partition Akut exkl. guard for Flexi bag, art. no. 116110
Middle partition Bandage for Flexi bag, art. no. 116115
​​​​​​​Module for X15 Red, art. no. 120477
Red module, art. no. 120478
Blue module X15, art. no. 120479
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Emergency responders work in shifts while the equipment is often used around the clock and becomes soiled. Naturally, all Sacci products can be washed.
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Our Swedish-made carrying equipment is the most hard-wearing in the industry. Demanding professions and situations, however, will wear on even the toughest materials. In that case we will be happy to help you with all possible repairs.
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