For industry, we work extensively with the development and production of back braces, harnesses, belts, holsters, specialty backpacks and The Sacci Hook. Today, many have occupations requiring an extra hand, or they operate equipment that is worn for long periods of time or in tough terrain. Sacci can help you create a better and safer work environment for your most important resource – the staff.

We have many years of experience with products adapted for radio control, durable computers, handheld computers, scanners, warehousing, forestry, planting, measurement, et cetera. For several companies in the forest industry, it’s important to get around on foot in the woods, with large boxes or other equipment. The solution will then often be a combination of a metal frame and a textile bag with straps.
For the last decade, we have also been working closely with material manufacturers in Asia and Europe to find materials that meet customer requirements, and we can proudly say that we have a good range of technical fabrics available.

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