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Sacci Hook II

Sacci Hook II is an innovative solution for everyone who carries digital equipment at work. With its unique design that is both collapsible and adjustable, there are several steps forward in ergonomics and user-friendliness.

With Sacci Hook, we want to facilitate and streamline people's work and offer the opportunity to prevent incorrect loading and work injuries. As the weight is distributed over both shoulders, you can reduce the harmful load on other parts of the body.

The product is easily hung over the shoulder, without tensioning straps and it is easy to put on and take off. The stomach plate can be adjusted in height and the size over the shoulder can also be adjusted with a simple adjusting wheel.

Computer or device is easily attached with a RAM ball and RAM joint. Holders for most tablets are available.

Weight: 1120g

Measurements (WxH):  500x330x160 mm

Colour: Black/Alu

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Detail images


Standard models

Sacci Hook II RAM 1,5"
artnr: 200201

Delivered with RAMball mounted but without bracket and socket arm. Fits well with, among other things, RAM X-Grip.
Sacci Hook II RAM 1"
artnr: 200200

Delivered with RAMball mounted but without bracket and socket arm. Fits well with, among other things, RAM X-Grip.
Socket Arm RAM 1"
Artnr 009154

150mm Socket Arm for use between the ho and the unit holder
Socket arm RAM 1,5"
artnr: 009167

145mm long. Used as an attachment point between the unit attachment and the hook
1,5" RAM Ball
artnr 009167

1.5" RAM ball for attaching on RAM X-grip or laptop mount

RAM X-Grip 12"
artnr 009171

Universal mount for most 12" tablets.
Max height: 260 mm
Width range: 184-222 mm
Max depth: 22.3 mm

RAM X-Grip 9-10"
artnr 009172

Universal mount for most
9-10" tablets.
Max height: 260 mm
Width range: 158-206 mm Max depth: 22.3 mm
RAM Laptop mount
artnr 009385
Stable laptop mount. Fits most 10-16 "laptops.
Width range: 254-406 mm
Side arm height: 12.7- 44.4 mm
1" RAM Ball
artnr 009162

1" RAM ball for attaching to eg X-grip.

For more information and to order
Rickard Ljungdahl, area manager industry
 073 - 421 53 37​​​​​​​, rickard.ljungdahl@sacci.se


Emergency responders work in shifts while the equipment is often used around the clock and becomes soiled. Naturally, all Sacci products can be washed.
Laundry instructions for our products​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our Swedish-made carrying equipment is the most hard-wearing in the industry. Demanding professions and situations, however, will wear on even the toughest materials. In that case we will be happy to help you with all possible repairs.
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