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Sacci Slipbelt

Item no. 060270 (Slipbelt 9), 060278 (Slipbelt 5)

Sacci Slipbelt is an innovative solution for everyone who wears digital equipment at work. The belt is available in two sizes, 5 and 9 cm wide. On the belt rail you attach the holster you want as an accessory to e.g. carry your PDA or anything else you need to take with you during your work.The holster can easily be pushed to the side of the belt when you are not using your accessory.

Below are a number of holsters and fastening systems for fastening various equipment to the belt.

​​​​​​​Together with our development department, we also develop customized customer-unique solutions

Weight: 300 g (Slipbelt 9), 200 g (Slipbelt 5)

Measurements (WxH):  90x830-133 mm (Slipbelt 9), 50x830-126 mm (Slipbelt 5)

Colour: Black

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Slipbelt 9, Artnr 060270
Slipbelt 5, Artnr 060278

Detail images


Accessories Slipbelt

The details below can be order items and not in stock, contact us for more information.
​​​​​​​Bag Slipbelt
artnr 276451

Bag with the dimensions: 80x80x50mm with lid. Fits e.g. receipt rolls.
Holster Slipbelt
artnr 223538

Holster with the dimensions: 85x210x70mm, slightly conical fit. Suitable for receipt printers, among other things.
​​​​​​​Holster Slipbelt
artnr 077778

Holster with the dimensions: 75x160x60mm.
​​​​​​​Holster Slipbelt Stretch
artnr 223542

Holster with the dimensions: 120x220x30mm. The holster is made of neoprene for a tight fit.
Holster Slipbelt Stretch
artnr 223543

Holster with the dimensions: 100x190x5mm. The holster is made of neoprene for a tight fit.
Bag Slipbelt
Artnr 335180

Bag with the dimensions: 85x150x30mm, with lid.
Bag with interior Slipbelt
artnr 273461

Bag with the dimensions: 170x100x50mm. Zipper for closure and several small compartments inside. Suitable as a wallet or storage of most small items.
Key holder Slipbelt
artnr 223536

Key holder with closure to avoid rustling.
Leg plate RAM 1"
Artnr 078272

Leg plate with 1" RAM ball. Enables mounting of device bracket for tablet or similar on the belt.
RAM X-Grip 12"
artnr 009171

Universal mount for most 12" tablets.
Max height: 260 mm
Width range: 184-222 mm
Max depth: 22.3 mm

RAM X-Grip 9-10"
artnr 009172

Universal mount for most
9-10" tablets.
Max height: 260 mm
Width range: 158-206 mm Max depth: 22.3 mm
1" RAM Ball
artnr 009162

1" RAM ball for attaching to eg X-grip.

Socket Arm RAM 1"
Artnr 009154

150mm Socket Arm for use between the ho and the unit holder

For more information and to order
Rickard Ljungdahl, area manager industry
 073 - 421 53 37​​​​​​​, rickard.ljungdahl@sacci.se


Emergency responders work in shifts while the equipment is often used around the clock and becomes soiled. Naturally, all Sacci products can be washed.
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Our Swedish-made carrying equipment is the most hard-wearing in the industry. Demanding professions and situations, however, will wear on even the toughest materials. In that case we will be happy to help you with all possible repairs.
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