Development center

Sacci has a development center adjacent to the production premises, here sits our design team with pattern designers, engineers and prototype seamstresses. In an open and creative environment together with our own machine park, this is where our magic is created.
The team works on the basis of a quality assurance system in the development process to achieve the highest possible results. Our Design team works with both 2D and 3D softwares and does everything to facilitate at an early stage for high quality and satisfied results at a sharp start for production. We work freely with our imagination and with 100 years behind us, we can guarantee that you get a unique and high-quality solution that is always ergonomic.

When starting a project, we go through al Design-breif. Here we address important prerequisites and requirements that are good to include from the start of a project. Based on this, we work out a plan and a cost proposal to discuss with the customer.

'With 100 years behind us, we can guarantee that you get a unique and high-quality solution that is always ergonomic.'


In direct connection to our office in Borlänge, we have our Swedish production facility. This is the core of the entire business and this is where all quality assurance takes place. In our Swedish production, we can offer both cutting, sewing and assembly.

Over the years, we at Sacci have built up a solid supplier network. In addition to our factory in Sweden, we can also offer production in both Europe and Asia. Depending on the customer's wishes and requirements. We are constantly working on improvement and development together with our factories, all in order to guarantee a qualitative delivery to the customer.

Whether the customer is a multinational or a local player who needs help, we have the solution. We work with customers of all sizes and adapt accordingly. We have customers in most industries, everything from outdoor and industry to healthcare or defense. This, if anything, is proof that we can deliver based on the customer's often high demands.

As a company, we are certified in accordance with both ISO 9001 and 14001.
'Right material for the right product.'

Material and sustainability

The right material for the right product. That is the key to a sustainable and qualitative product. We constantly work together with test institutes around the world to test and evaluate materials according to set requirements and wishes.

We are members of the Swedish Chemicals Group and are constantly working on issues concerning REACH and the list of candidates, all to help our customers on the road to a more sustainable transition.

Do you as a customer want to know more about how we work with CSR, Code of Conduct, Certifications etc. are you more than welcome and contact us and we will tell you more!
Rickard Ljungdahl
Strategic sales Industry
+46 73 421 53 37
Erika Fogelberg
Technical sales, medical and pivate label
+46 72 382 60 77

Personal contact

All of our external customer projects are handled by a specific technical salesman who works closely with the development team or production to ensure clarity and delivery to our customers.

Feel free to contact one of the following to know more about what opportunities we can offer!